crjace (crjace) wrote,

For simplicity, a reposting to enter this drabble for judging.

Dinner Conversation: Neville & His Grandmother

"Don’t slurp your soup, Neville.” And get your elbows off the table, and sit up straight and tall. But I’ve told you that a thousand times already and it hasn’t made a difference. “I saw Harry’s name in the newspaper again today. They said he’s not going back to school this coming year.” Are you going to be joining him? I’m not sure I want to know. “I’m going into town again today. Do you need anything from the store?” What can I still provide for you? You look more and more like your father every year. But if I tell you that, maybe you’ll join your hero friends and I’ll lose you too. “Nothing? Sit up straight, Neville, and get your elbows off the table.” Be my little boy just a little while longer.
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